Meditation Experiences


My old days seem like the one chapter of my life which no longer exists.

Today I am very much thankful for having the meditation session in my life. Since I met this method, I am able to discard all the human mind that I have in my life. I am able to identify myself as human being with lots of crazy mind and negative mind. I realized that the Universe/God exist in me whatever happens in my life, my past, my present and my future. He is never changing, living and existing God. One thing that I know, the more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the more you’ll find your inner peace and no stress at all. The most beautiful thing I have experience in meditation is, my inner peace and the change within my inner most being.

Before I met this method, I was always worried about many things; my family, my finances and my future. It helps me change a lot, I used to keep on nagging to my children when things were not followed at home. I used to keep on struggling making money but nothing happened. I realized that I must surrender everything, even myself and my body to have all the blessings from the Universe/God.

Liza Baldelomar / Ortigas,Philippine
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