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Less is more. Nothingness is bliss.

Being busy and constantly looking for things to do without taking a breather is a disease. It is a very stressful disease. I have been afflicted with this problem since I was a young schoolboy when my mother could not stand the sight of me doing nothing. The non-stop activity has always given me an adrenaline rush and gives me a feeling of
Self-importance. But, when the activities stop, there is an emptiness that I want to fill, then, I will compulsively begin the cycle all over again by doing something new.

I was very lucky that this meditation presented itself when I was looking for a new activity to do because it was in this meditation that I understood the value and essence of the emptiness that I wanted to fill.

I learned that it is not adding more that will lead to satisfaction but, it is actually subtracting the imprints in my mind’s world that will be the start of my true fulfillment.

Less is more. Nothingness is bliss.

Through meditation, I have realized many benefits. These include mental clarity; improved physical health; greater capacity for understanding the shortcomings of other people and; even exercising patience (with a smile) on the road during blood-curdling traffic jams. I am truly grateful to this simple method that has life-changing benefits.

Today, rather than being busy with non-essential activities to satisfy my mind, I am diligently practicing meditation so I can truly live in the real world.

Reggie Ofrin / Mechanical Engineer / Makati,Philippines
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This meditation solved all the questions I have had.

Hello, greetings to those who are reading this. My name is Zhang Yi and I am from China. I went to United States to study four years ago. Currently I am second grade in university. I met Meditation in March 8, 2015 in Santa Monica while I was attending school as usual. I was on a website searching for a workshop of my school. At the moment, I saw the word “meditation,” it caught my attention, since I was always searching the ways to utilize one’s potential fully. After I clicked on the website, next day the staff there called me and asked me to attend a seminar. I went and thought it was good, so I registered.


At the beginning of the meditation, I didn’t understand and followed the method as it is taught. Instead, I thought it was something similar to what I learned. As I followed with that kind of mind, I didn’t pass the levels in the standard time period of the levels. Anyhow, I kept going to the local center and meditated.


One day, my helper told me to go to the main center in the summer time. I went and started over from level 1. Although I did level 1 in the local center, I learned many new things as I was doing level 1 in the main center. It took me much time to pass level 1 and I struggled a lot. Now, looking back, had I just simply followed the method everything would have been very easy. I struggled because I followed my thinking about how the method is instead of simply following the method.


As time went by, I also learned to be grateful for the method and the person who made the method. Nothing could I have achieved if there was not the method and the person who made it. I would have just kept making countless thoughts and stress to myself in my daily life. Looking back, it was a miracle. Indeed it was. Among all the psychologically related things I have searched, I didn’t find the solution. However, now I met this method, I know, it solved all the questions I have had.


After finishing Meditation, I will first try to let my family know and tell them to also do this meditation. Then, I will also introduce this meditation to as many people as possible later.

Zhang Yi / University Student / Santa Monica, USA
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